Sunday, April 11, 2010

Getting out of a comfort zone

Going to Movie with friends in college was a favorite pass-time. It was easy to get a group together since they have time to pass. However once you are full time employed it becomes a matter of taste. People tend to become choosy and have plethora of options. College goers, even though might not like the genre of the film (say romance) would hop along, since they have nothing else to do (they are bored of studies). Employed have only weekend to spare and lot to catch up. Their favorite pass time is sleeping around, completing a book, go on a weekend trip, dinner and hanging around, and worse shopping. Getting interested people in a group to have a fun time is difficult, unless you have a common interest. Or the film is a huge hit.

I really wanted to watch Avataar in 3D, however I face an uphill task to get a group together. Being married also added to the problem. Going with my wife for Hindi Movies are okay, but English movies with their fantasy based story line is too much for her to digest. English being the main barrier. Recent films seen with my wife were - 3 Idiots and Ishqiya.

Well coming around, I am a big fan of English movies, and regularly catch them on HBO or Star Movies, however latest being only offered in multiplexes. I missed Avaatar due to this dilly dallying and now there was another fantasy based story line "Clash of the Titans". A 3D movie ought to be seen in Multiplex (I had caught up with Avaatar on Laptop). Now I really wanted to get a gang ready for the movie, or I will go alone.

ALONE? Now that is a problem, a BIG PROBLEM. What would people think of me? Maybe the girl friend ditched this person. May be he is not popular among his friends. Security guys might think may be he is scouting around, thanks to heightened security. Anyway it is really uncomfortable to watch a movie all alone in a Multiplex.

And it is also one of the most boring one. Groups talking to each other on either side and you sitting there stoned face.

However, having made up my mind, I entered the mall, walked up to the ticket counter, and order a ticket for 1. Got a "only one" look. Ignored it. Entered the hall. The person checking the tickets, sees only one ticket in hand, gave a suspicious look, having a subtle, wearing dark jeans and a t shirt, made the situation worse. Took it and walked to the seat. Group of people around. Thankfully the hall was 75% empty. But 2 groups on either side, gave me a what the hell he is doing here look. Anyway patiently sat through 10 minutes watching the trailers, waiting the movie to begin. And the movie began. Sat through it. Loved it. Movie Ends. I walked up, without giving a look to the left and right, dashes straight for the exit. However I turn back and looked at the audience. Yeah few were looking at me. I was the only single in the hall. Smiled, and left the hall.

Will I do it again. If I really like the movie, and I can't team up with someone or a group, I definitely would. I give it a damn.

However it gives me an idea. How about an app on Facebook, where people who do not have activity partners, either list them or joined such group of people who are looking forward to enjoy their activity, best which cannot be done alone. Will such app work?

But why is this post GETTING OUT OF COMFORT ZONE. In a book four hour work week by Timothy Ferris, the author challenges to get out of the comfort zone, by laying on a ground in middle of a busy street (not road, mind it). I think going alone in a hall to watch movie among so many people is akin to that.

Thursday, April 08, 2010


I am still a kid. I become friend easily. I get hurt easily. I am yet to attain the maturity. I am yet to take life seriously. I have to be organized. I have to prioritize.

I have to transform......and let it begin. NOW!!!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik and great Indian hypocrisy

Sania is getting married to Shoaib who is a Pakistani. Suddenly tabloids are full of assholes who are wishing these couple luck, talking of success of marriage between a Pakistani and an Indian, asking the media to leave them short an shameful attempt to influence people opinion.

Background of the story is there is an another woman Ayesha Siddiqi who claims to be the first wife of Shoaib Akhtar. Shoaib denies that. The nikah namah between the two had been signed around the year 2004.

So now for full 6 years Shoaib had not met his wife (height of celibacy) and even if he met her, no attempt had been made by him to nullify the nikah namah or take a divorce.

And if he had not divorce her, she is still his lawful wife, and assholes in Tabloids are a least bit concern for her future. Just because she is fat, she should be denied the happiness of a marriage or a companion. Did she cheated Shoaib into marrying her, then Shoaib is a dimwit and Sania has a bleak future ahead.

Whatever the case may be, it is indeed shameful, but at least I know some of the people who are hypocrites, and their names are all in the tabloid.